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Please note the speed indicated in the table above is based on the theoretical maximum speed attainable
Please see further information below regarding factors affecting your broadband speed.

Broadband Service
Which service is right for your business?
Max Pro Suit computer network with light to moderate usage (suggest up to 10 users)
Xtreme Suit small computer network with light to moderate (suggest up to 20 users)
Contract Term Max Pro and Xtreme broadband service - 12 month contract.

Important Notes Regarding Your Broadband Speed*

Please note that the maximum download and upload speed which can be achieved with your  
broadband service is subject to a number of factors including but are not limited to the following:

  • Cable length between your location and your local telephone exchange or street cabinet. 
    (A long will result in lower broadband speeds due to the higher signal attenuation across the line).
  • Max Pro & Xtreme Service: The quality of your copper telephone line (both externally and within your 
    office building, this includes any electrical interference which might be affecting your line).
  • Whether you are connected directly via an Ethernet cable or via Wireless (WIFI). An Ethernet connection 
    between your computer and your broadband router will generally provide higher performance than
    that achievable through a WIFI connection.
  • The speed of the website you are accessing.
  • The age of your computer and broadband router (old equipment will usually yield lower performance).
  • Network congestion. Broadband is a service which allows low cost internet access to be provided to a 
    large audience. This is achieved in part by distributing available bandwidth and network resources across 
    a number of users. Please be aware therefore that at times of extreme traffic across the network 
    your normal maximum service speed may temporarily be adversely affected.

All pricing quoted are exclusive of VAT.
Above service specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.


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