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What is the Line UK 'Email Guardian' Service and why your business needs it?
A survey conducted by, revealed that 90% of IT professionals have experienced challenges in maintaining continuity of their company's email services. In another survey conducted by the same organisation, 73% of employees stated that email messaging is used for 60% of their internal communications.

No company executive would deny that email messaging is today at the heart of most business communications. It should come as no surprise therefore to realise that organisations can suffer real and sometimes significant losses when their critical email systems goes down.

The Problem
When your primary mail server is offline and clients, suppliers or business partners tries to send you an email, if there is no backup mail server in place, the sender will receive a bounced back error message. Worse still if your mail server remains off line for a length of time, your organisation runs the risk of loosing valuable incoming emails.

The result can be the potential loss of a new client, potential loss of revenue and an unnecessary poor reflection of your organisation to your valued clients, business partners and suppliers.

This problem can occur in a number of circumstances, for example:

  • Your exchange or other mail server fails for any reason (system crash/corruption etc)
  • Your internal network develops a fault (an intermittent fault could be even more difficult to trace)
  • Your broadband or leased line connection goes down (this could be a small fault perhaps taking a few
    hours to rectify or could be more serious for example should workmen cut through cabling in the street)
  • There is a temporary electrical power failure affecting your building (or your entire local area)

If the problemĀ is serious, it could take hours or even days to get your email service back online.

If it's an internal problem (i.e. within your internal network) and it occurs outside your normal business hours, or at the week end or during holidays, the problem could go unnoticed for some time during which all your incoming emails are bouncing back to sender.

The Solution - Line UK 'Email Guardian' Service
The good news is that this problem is easily avoided. The Line UK 'Email Guardian' Service provides your incoming business emails with a layer of redundancy and automatic protection 24x7x365. The service automatically accepts and stores your incoming mail in the event that mail cannot be delivered to your own in-house mail serverĀ (so no more bounced messages to your important and valued clients).

The Line UK Email Guardian Service automatically attempts to deliver stored mail to your mail server every 15 to 30 minutes, so that when your mail server comes back online, the stored mail is automatically delivered with no required intervention on your part.

Your stored mail is held on our Guardian Server for up to 30 days, more than ample time to deal with your outage emergency.

The Benefits
The benefits of utilising the Line UK Email Guardian Service are numerous.

A number of these benefits are outlined as follows:

  • Your company's valuable incoming emails are protected in the event of an outage
    that prevents mail from being delivered to your company's mail server.
  • The reputation of your organisation is protected since the unnecessary embarrassment of
    bounced emails are avoided.
  • Helps to avoid potential loss of business through the non-delivery of important incoming emails.
  • Provides immediate and automatic protection (no user intervention is required) 24x7x365.
  • Your emails are automatically delivered to your mail server when it comes back on-line.
  • The service is provided in 'the cloud' so no on-site software or reconfiguration of your network
    or systems is required.
  • The service can be implemented and your protection can start in as little as 24 hours.
  • Relieves the burden on your IT professionals since they need not be concerned with setting
    up an emergency backup email server in a separate geographical location.
  • No maintenance is required on the part of your IT professionals since the service is fully managed.
  • The service is low cost and fast to implement and does not impact your existing email service.

In order to take advantage of this service, an entry must be made in the MX records for the domain name which carries your email in order to enable your incoming mail to be routed to our Email Guardian Service in the event that mail cannot be delivered to your in-house mail server. You can have your protection in place in as little as 24 hours.

We will work with you or your technical staff to implement this simple MX record entry. This simple entry has no impact on your existing email service, except that within hours of implementation your valuable business emails are being safely guarded and protected by the Line UK Email Guardian Service.

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