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Line UK Internet provides fast reliable and affordable business broadband services that are available to businesses across the UK.

Through our partner network, a wide range and affordable business broadband services are available from "up to 8Mbs" conventional broadband service right through to 'up to 76Mbs' download speeds.

The Line UK business broadband services are designed to deliver a high-quality service that allows you to relax in the sure knowledge that providing your business with a consistent high-quality service is our prime concern. Our aim is to allow you concentrate on growing your business whilst enjoying the best in class business broadband service available today.

Our quality business broadband services opens the way to your employees working from home to conduct their voice communications (at reduced costs) using Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology to their head office, branch office as well as to valued clients and suppliers.

Why not let us help to give your business a commercial advantage with faster more efficient and a cost effective high-speed access to the Internet.

Check out our business broadband service below:

'Up to 76Mbs' Business Broadband


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'Up to 100Mbs, 200Mbs and 300Mbs' business broadband service. More...
Line UK Data Guardian Securely and automatically encrypts and backs up your valuable company date to our online data vault.

Are you running your own in-house mail server such as MS Exchange? Are your critical incoming business emails automatically spooled and stored on a backup mail server in the event your in-house server becomes temporarily unavailable? Or do your valuable clients receive embarrassing bounced email messages when this happens? ...Why not checkout our online Backup SMTP Mail Server Service and our Email Protection and Email Continuity Service?

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