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Email Protection Service
Disaster Recovery & Messaging Continuity
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Disaster Recovery And Messaging Continuity

There are many potential and real life scenarios that could bring your critical business messaging system to a grinding halt. Equipment failure... power outages... human error... natural disaster...

The Line UK Internet Message Continuity Service Powered by McAfee® is designed to keep your business running in the event of your primary mail server (usually your in-house mail server) becoming unavailable. Your lines of communication are kept open with automatic failover and spooling to the cloud based email service.

During an outage the web based Email Continuity Service allows each employee to access and reply to incoming mail as well as sending outgoing mail. With the advanced SaaS Message Continuity Service, whether you have 5, 500 or 1000's of employees, every user's mail box is protected with 60 rolling days of storage.

Without intervention, all email communications during an outage (both incoming and outgoing) are automatically delivered to your primary mail server when the server comes back online. This service may also be utilised manually during a period of planned maintenance when your mail server may be unavailable.

Line UK Internet SaaS Email Protection Service Benefits

Some of the benefits and features of the Line UK Internet Email Protection Service, powered by
McAfee® are as follows:

  • Incoming email threats are intercepted and managed at the Internet level and stored away
    from your network reducing the possibility of your systems becoming infected.
  • Around-the-clock monitoring and protection - feel confident in your automatic real-time
    messaging system protection.
  • Increased employee productivity through the reduction of time-wasting emails and email threats.
  • No need to worry about downloading virus definitions to protect your incoming email as
    these threats are managed off-line for you.
  • Your company benefits from reduced IT costs as no additional hardware, software or
    maintenance is required.
  • Reduced spam related costs by up to 90% due to the reduced IT resources that might
    otherwise be required to maintain an in-house email security system.
  • Provides industry leading and optimum protection against the latest email threats.
  • Provision of the service is quick and easy, bringing fast protection to your organisation.
  • Quick service activation requires no data migration or integration, bringing fast protection
    to your organisation. Just re-point the domain's MX record to start filtering and protecting
    your company's incoming email.
  • Zero end user administration is required.
  • Reduced email volume reduces the demand on your Internet bandwidth.
  • Reduced mail server storage costs as typically 99% of incoming spam mail and 100%
    known email viruses are blocked whilst other undesired content and attachments are
    captured and quarantined off-site.
  • Reduce potential litigation and corporate liability by optionally filtering outgoing mail.
  • Carrier grade system architecture, with fully redundant capabilities through facilities
    located around the globe.


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