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Line UK Internet SaaS Email Protection Service - Spam and Virus Email Filtering and Continuity Service

Introducing Your Premium Email Protection Service
Line UK Internet Ltd is proud to announce a range of premium, proven and industry leading Email Protection and Email Security Services brought to you in partnership with the Award Winning SaaS Email Protection Service Provider MX Logic® Inc, now a McAfee® company.

The fully managed Email Protection Service 'Powered By McAfee®' identifies, blocks and quarantines 100% of known malicious email malware such as viruses worms and spyware whilst providing content filtering and typically blocking 99% of spam emails.

Processing 30 billion messages per month, the powerful, advanced patented Multi-Level Stacked Framework Filtering service takes place 'in-the-cloud' in real-time where spam and harmful email content are identified and safely quarantined at the Internet level well away from your organisation's network.

The online Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system utilises up to three separate industry leading inline virus filtering engines and more than 20 separate filters to quietly and unobtrusively block 100% known malicious email threats whilst providing industry leading spam, fraud and phishing protection.

Supports any size business
Whether your business has 5, 500 or many 1000s of users, you can relax in the sure knowledge that your employees in-boxes and computer systems are automatically protected from all known email bound risks and threats.

Acceptable User Policy Enforcement
Pre-defined and customisable content policies makes it simple to implement and enforce acceptable user policies, prevent valuable data loss and meet regulatory requirements.

Independent Managed Service Operation
The operation of the SaaS Email Protection Service is totally independent to your own IT infrastructure. With no software or on-site equipment to install or maintain, the comprehensive email protection and email security service can start protecting your organisation in as little as 24 hours.

Line UK Internet Teams Up With MX Logic And Delivers Email Defence - Secure Email Messaging Service to UK Businesses

The Line UK Internet SaaS Email Protection Service powered by McAfee
Provides Industry Leading Spam Protection Whilst Blocking 100%
Known Email Threats Before They Can Enter Your Network

A huge benefit of the 'cloud' based service is that your employee productivity is maximised since they are protected from the distraction of dealing with a barrage of spam, potential malicious email content and the ever growing number of email threats.

In addition, this service effectively protects your company's valuable data whilst reducing the drain on your IT resources. Your business enjoys cost savings through the reduced potential costly down time and time consuming system repairs that can result from a malicious email related virus infection. This helps to eliminate up to 90% of malicious email and spam related business costs.

Line UK Internet Email Security and Email Continuity Service

Primary Email Protection and Email Security Services (Powered By McAfee)

Unlike some services which spools and stores all incoming email prior to processing, risking the loss of your valuable data, using a series of high performance multi-layered in-line filtering engines the patented system scanned and filters your incoming email 'in real-time' while it is being streamed to your primary mail server. There is therefore no risk of loss of data and no conceivable delay in mail delivery since the inline filtering system does not store legitimate incoming email.

An important byproduct of this service is that it can immediately reduce the impact on your Internet bandwidth and improve your mail server capacity whilst reducing your maintenance and customer support costs.

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Line UK SaaS Email Protection Service SaaS Email Protection & Continuity

Line UK SaaS Email Protection Service SaaS Email Protection

Line UK SaaS Email Protection Service SaaS Inbound Filtering & Continuity


Disaster Recovery And Messaging Continuity

There are many potential and real life scenarios that could bring your critical business messaging system to a grinding halt. Equipment failure... power outages... human error... natural disaster...

The Line UK Internet Message Continuity Service Powered by McAfee® is designed to keep your business running in the event of your primary mail server (usually your in-house mail server) becoming unavailable. Your lines of communication are kept open with automatic failover and spooling to the cloud based email service.

During an outage the web based Email Continuity Service allows each employee to access and reply to incoming mail as well as sending outgoing mail. With the advanced SaaS Message Continuity Service, whether you have 5, 500 or 1000's of employees, every user's mail box is protected with 60 rolling days of storage.

Without intervention, all email communications during an outage (both incoming and outgoing) are automatically delivered to your primary mail server when the server comes back online. This service may also be utilised manually during a period of planned maintenance when your mail server may be unavailable.

Line UK Internet SaaS Email Protection Service Benefits

Some of the benefits and features of the Line UK Internet Email Protection Service, powered by
McAfee® are as follows:

  • Incoming email threats are intercepted and managed at the Internet level and stored away
    from your network reducing the possibility of your systems becoming infected.
  • Around-the-clock monitoring and protection - feel confident in your automatic real-time
    messaging system protection.
  • Increased employee productivity through the reduction of time-wasting emails and email threats.
  • No need to worry about downloading virus definitions to protect your incoming email as
    these threats are managed off-line for you.
  • Your company benefits from reduced IT costs as no additional hardware, software or
    maintenance is required.
  • Reduced spam related costs by up to 90% due to the reduced IT resources that might
    otherwise be required to maintain an in-house email security system.
  • Provides industry leading and optimum protection against the latest email threats.
  • Provision of the service is quick and easy, bringing fast protection to your organisation.
  • Quick service activation requires no data migration or integration, bringing fast protection
    to your organisation. Just re-point the domain's MX record to start filtering and protecting
    your company's incoming email.
  • Zero end user administration is required.
  • Reduced email volume reduces the demand on your Internet bandwidth.
  • Reduced mail server storage costs as typically 99% of incoming spam mail and 100%
    known email viruses are blocked whilst other undesired content and attachments are
    captured and quarantined off-site.
  • Reduce potential litigation and corporate liability by optionally filtering outgoing mail.
  • Carrier grade system architecture, with fully redundant capabilities through facilities
    located around the globe.


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The Cost of Spam to Your Business -Spam Cost Calculator

Step One: Provide general information about your business
Number of employees with email   
Work days per year per employee   
Average hourly salary per employee   

Step Two: Assumptions about your business messaging environment
Average number of spam emails per day per employee   
Seconds wasted with each spam email   

Cost To Your Business
 Cost of Lost Productivity    Cost of Lost Productivity
Yearly: Yearly:
Daily: Daily:
 Lost Productivity  Lost Productivity
Yearly: Yearly:
Please note that this calculation is an estimate only. Your actual ROI payback period may vary due to specific business assumptions and other variables not defined here, such as wasted disk space, bandwidth costs and IT/staff resources and hence cost used dealing with spam related issues and other email bound threats.


Line UK Internet SaaS Email Protection Service Pricing

Based on an Advanced Multi-Layered Patented Email Protection System and incorporating advanced multi-faceted anti-virus technologies, virus definitions are checked and are continually updated enabling you can sit back and concentrate on productive business tasks.

Email threats are intercepted at the internet level 'in the cloud' and stored safely away from your company network. The advance high performance in-line multi-layered spam filtering engine blocks and prevents 99% of spam from entering your network. Provision of the service is accomplished without any changes to your internal IT infrastructure and can be implemented within hours.


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