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Technical Information & Implementation

In order to take advantage of the Line UK Internet Email Guardian Backup SMTP Email Service, an
entry must be made in the MX records of the domain name on which the service is to be provided.

Here is an example with the MX records for '': 3600  IN  MX 10       (Sample existing MX Record) 3600  IN  MX 20      (Sample new MX Record Entry) 3600  IN  MX 30      (Sample new MX Record Entry)

Where: is your domain name.

The preference numbers for the Line UK Backup SMTP Server must be set to a higher number
(and thus a lower priority) than that of your primary email server.

The above example provides a higher priority to the primary mail server ''
than the backup mail servers and will ensure that your regular mail is delivered directly to your mail

If your mail server becomes unreachable, your incoming mail will automatically be sent to one of our
backup mail servers. Our mail server will check at intervals and will automatically forward your emails
when your mail server is seen to be back on line.

Mail spooled and stored on the Line UK Backup Mail Server is stored for up to 14 days.

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