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Established in 1998, Line UK Internet today remains true to its roots as a 'business focused' Internet Service Provider.

Our low cost leased line and metro ethernet internet connection services provides the growing business and established SME alike with reliable and dependable internet connectivity backed by a 100% service level guarantee (SLA).

We are committed to providing a personable, reliable and dependable service to our customers. Our service provides fast resilient Internet access with high bandwidth connections across Europe and high speed transatlantic links to the United States.

Premier Business Broadband

Businesses all over the world have seen massive increases in their use and reliance on the Internet through the adoption of affordable broadband services.

Through the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) employees are able to work efficiently from home whilst retaining fast and secure access to the corporate network.


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'Up to 100Mbs, 200Mbs and 300Mbs' business broadband service. More...
Line UK Data Guardian Securely and automatically encrypts and backs up your valuable company date to our online data vault.

Are you running your own in-house mail server such as MS Exchange? Are your critical incoming business emails automatically spooled and stored on a backup mail server in the event your in-house server becomes temporarily unavailable? Or do your valuable clients receive embarrassing bounced email messages when this happens? ...Why not checkout our online Backup SMTP Mail Server Service and our Email Protection and Email Continuity Service?

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