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Line UK Internet provides low cost leased line internet connectivity across London and throughout the UK with connection speeds ranging from 2Mbs through to 10Gbs. Through our extensive partner network we provide competitive low cost leased line internet connectivity with close to 99% geographical coverage of mainland UK. Our leased line services are fully backed by a 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA).

What is a leased line?
A leased line is a dedicated connection that typically provides permanent connectivity to the Internet, between two sites, such as a company head office and a branch office (point-to-point connection), or between multiple sites.

Leased lines are considered premium connectivity that are typically provided over dedicated fibre cables, although lower bandwidth leased lines may also be provided over lower cost dedicated copper cables.

Leased lines provides a highly reliable dedicated un-contended symetrical connection, usually backed by a service level guarantee.

Who are leased line connections for?
Businesses may choose to have a dedicated leased line internet connection for a multitude of reasons.

For businesses that are heavily reliant on continuous IP connection, perhaps because a high speed continuous connection is required between head office and branch offices, VoIP (Voice Over IP) communication technologies are used extensively, runs critical business IP applications, or simply needs a continuous high speed internet connection, leased line is the obvious choice.

For businesses that have outgrown their DSL/broadband based internet connection service or that require high availability and reliability, our low cost leased line service offers a viable alternative.

Leased line costs
Leased line costs are determined largely by the distance between the location where the service is required and our nearest point-of-presence (POP), as well as the required connection speed (bandwidth).

Benefits of Line UK Internet leased line service includes:

  • Internet connection speeds are available from 2Mbs through to 10Gbs
    (2Mbs, 4Mbs*, 6Mbs*, 8Mbs*, 10Mbs, 100Mbs, 1Gbs, 10Gbs connectivity)
  • High performance, highly reliable un-contended (1:1) internet connection
  • Symmetrical bandwidth offering the same upload and download speeds
  • Service is ideal for businesses that have outgrown their xDSL/broadband service
  • The service is provided via a standard Ethernet connection
  • Services connected through highly reliable fibre circuits 
    (optional on 2Mbs-8Mbs circuits)
  • 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Choice of ADSL or SDSL backup options (with automatic failover onto same IP)
  • A fully managed service with through a managed Cisco router
  • Diverse high speed IP connectivity available throughout the UK
  • Un-contended Point-To-Point IP connectivity (for office to office connection)
  • Private virtual Point-to-Point IP transit available between the UK and  
    many major European cities (allowing diverse offices to be linked together)
  • Our IP connectivity fully supports VoIP services


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