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Metro Ethernet offers similar benefits to leased lines but can often be delivered at lower cost.

Connectivity ranges from 10Mbs through to 10Gbs backed by a 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA).

What is Metro Ethernet?
A Metro Ethernet Service is a flexible IP based network that uses established Ethernet transport technology to connect subscribers and businesses in a metropolitan area to a wide area network (WAN) to transport data, access the Internet, or both. Metro Ethernet services can be used to interconnect multiple office locations within the metropolitan area.

Who are Metro Ethernet connections for?
Businesses may choose Metro Ethernet connections when the reliability of leased line is desired but cost is a major consideration. Metro Ethernet circuits should be considered when a continuous IP connection is required between offices, when VoIP (Voice Over IP) communication technologies are in extensive use, the business runs critical IP applications, or the business simply needs a continuous high speed internet connection. 

Benefits of our Metro Ethernet service includes:

  • Available within 25Km of a number of major cities*  
    around the UK (for 1Gbs service a 35Km reach is available)
  • Available speeds range from 10Mbs to 10Gbs 
    (10Mbs, 100Mbs, 1Gbs, 10Gbs connectivity)
  • High performance, highly reliable un-contended (1:1) connection
  • Symmetrical bandwidth offering the same upload and download speeds
  • 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Choice of ADSL or SDSL backup options
  • Fully managed router
  • Un-contended high speed office to office connection


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