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Affordable High Speed Full Fibre Internet Connectivity

Full fibre is the best connectivity option available to a business. Our service allows businesses of any size to enjoy full fibre connectivity with the efficiency and productivity benefits previously only accessible by larger businesses. 

Ready to step-up from regular broadband to take advantage of the speed, reliability and productivity gains that full to full fibre connectivity provides? Our range of full fibre Ethernet services starts at 100Mbs up to 1Gbs and beyond. 

Leased line Internet Connectivity

Dedicated high performance fibre connectivity (symmetrical bandwidth) with 100% Service Level Guarantee.

Dedicated Cloud Based Virtual Private Servers

High performance Cloud based Virtual Private Server (with SSD storage).

Web Hosting

Website hosting on high performance cloud based servers.

Full Fibre Flex Ethernet Internet Connectivity

Full fibre flex connectivity providing 200Mbs bandwidth with an option for the bandwidth to burst up to 1Gbs. With 100% Service Level Guarantee.

Business Class Email Hosting Service

With standard storage of 30GB or 50GB per mailbox.

Business Broadband

Business broadband service providing up to 76Mbs bandwidth.

Why full fibre?

Don’t let your competitors have a productivity advantage over your business. Discover how Line UK Internet can help your business jump in the fast lane at surprisingly affordable costs.

So what is full fibre anyway? The term fibre has often been misused. Many broadband services are marketed as being fibre broadband when in fact the last mile is delivered to the premises via legacy copper telephone cables. Copper cables which severely limits

Gigabit Speeds

Gigabit ethernet delivered over full fibre allows you to effortlessly transfer even the largest files in no time at all. Accessing your data over cloud services can be so responsive that you could be forgiven to believe you were accessing your data from a local server.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing, the on-demand delivery of IT resources over the internet, offers huge cost, time and productivity benefits. Taking full advantage of cloud computing requires the fast and reliable internet connectivity provided by full fibre internet connectivity.


Full fibre internet connectivity allows  businesses to ditch the legacy copper cable based landline services for cheaper and smarter VoIP telephony and have efficient face to face meetings with HD video conferencing tools.

Ultrafast uploads

Full fibre internet connectivity, whether broadband or dedicated leased line, makes crippling upload speeds a thing of the past. Increase your productivity and reduce cost by achieving fast uploads of large files. This is especially important if your business is frequently uploading large files such as businesses in the print and publishing industry.



Full fibre circuits provides the highest level of reliability. Unlike copper cabling, fibre is capable of extremely high speed signalling over long distances and is not affected by electrical interference or the weather.

Remote data storage

Storing your data online using cloud applications like dropbox, Google Drive or Box becomes a practical solution.

Full fibre leased line

Providing dedicated un-contended symmetrical bandwidth up to 1Gbs and beyond (to 10Gbs).

Full fibre broadband

Providing highly reliable high performance connectivity from 100Mbs to 1Gbs.

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